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Dear Friends of Little Bighorn

We wish to extend our thanks to all of our loyal members and regular players and to those of you who came during our “free golf” promotion to introduce Millennial Golf.  The promotion was a success, in that hundreds of you flocked to the course. Hopefully you had a fun, positive experience.  Unfortunately, it did not generate the interest in memberships for 2015 we needed.  We have struggled till the very last moment trying to find a way to keep LBH open.  Sadly, bottom line, the golf industry continues to decline and it is just not economically feasible to continue operating.

It is with very sad and heavy hearts that we make the gut-wrenching decision to close Little Bighorn. Twenty three years after Stanley built the course, we must say goodbye to our loyal members.  We thank you for all the years you have supported the course and the friendships we have built.

Thank you to everyone who has played over the years–both ball and disc golf.  We have appreciated your patronage.  Peg has loved being the manager this season and will miss all of you–members and non members alike.  Hopefully you have all had a positive experience as her team made customer service and smiles a priority.  Thank you to some AWESOME clubhouse employees, especially Linda who has stepped up for these last two weeks!

We gratefully thank Lonnie for his years of work to make LBH a great place to golf, and we wish him well!  Thank you Dave! What an awesome mechanic you are (I think you love those carts as much as Peg does). Thank you, Rod and Philip for your hard work on those mowers, and Rod for all the pictures.   Thank you, Jim for creating and maintaining the website, and for your friendship and support.  Thank you, Bruce for your proshop tips, running the tournaments this season, and your friendship.  And thanks John, for picking the range and running after those jumbos!

Also, we want to extend an especially big thank you to one of the most important people in LBH’s past. As many of you know, Darrell, up until this last year, was key in the operation of the course. Any day of the week you could see him out in his skidsteer making improvements on both the ball and disc courses. We want to give him a huge THANK YOU!! Little Bighorn could not have operated without him. – THANK YOU DARRELL. The thank yous would not be complete without an acknowledgement to Mom and Dad for building LBH in the first place. You will always be remembered for your creativity in the design, especially #1 green, the dinner bell, and work ethic.

The clubhouse will be open every day until Nov. 2nd. (Closed Halloween night).  After that, depending on weather, you can walk (honor system) or ride on the days Peg is there.  We are liquidating equipment, inventory, carts, disc baskets, and merchandise.  Please stop in or call 574-0267-5431 for details.

As we move on from LBH, we will be putting our focus on Superior Landscape Products on U.S. 30.  Peg will move from the clubhouse to the showrooms.  In addition to our  landscape products, such as topsoils, soil blends, compost, mulch, rocks, boulders, seed, fertilizer, and lawn chemicals we also carry  unique aluminum landscaping items: tables, chairs, benches, urns, fountains, birdbaths, lamp posts, mailboxes, and decorative lawn art and sculptures including animals and statues.  Did you notice some of them on the driving range?  We would appreciate your patronage.  Please stop by and say hi to Peg or Dale, or call us at 574-372-DIRT. You can also visit our new website at, which Jim is helping us improve daily.

Hopefully we can say thank you in person over the next couple weeks as you come in to play.  If not, please stop by at Superior Landscape Products to say hello.  We will definitely miss the course and its golfers.   Our parting thought is. “Little Bighorn is NOT the Custer Family’s Last Stand.”

We wish you all the best and God’s blessings!


Dale and Peg



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